JUNIMA Steering Committee Meeting, 27 November 2012

JUNIMA Steering Committee Meeting, 27 November 2012

JUNIMA’s annual Steering Committee meeting for 2012 was held in Bangkok on 27 November 2012, jointly chaired by UNAIDS and UNDP. A total of 17 Steering Committee members attended, representing four national government organizations, four civil society organizations and five UN and related agencies.

Presentations and substantive discussions covered key strategic areas of: access to treatment for migrant workers; defining strategies for travel restrictions in the region; and emerging issues concerning HIV-related linkages between MSM and migration, sex work and migration, and sexual and reproductive health of migrants. Potential for engagement on this range of issues in ICAAP 2013 was also addressed.

Participants also reached consensus on the following management changes for JUNIMA for 2013.

  • Two key strategic focus areas for 2013 – Access to Health/Right to Health for Migrants and Travel Restrictions
  • An expanded geographical focus – to include South Asia, the Pacific and Arab States alongside South-East Asia
  • A programme for Steering Committee meetings for 2013 - including two face-to-face meetings and two skype meetings

A joint workplan for 2013 was also jointly prepared by Steering Committee Members.

JUNIMA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 27 November 2012

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Session 1 - Global Commission on HIV and the Law
Session 3 - Using TRIPS Flexibilities to Increase Access to ART
Session 4 - HIV Related Travel Restrictions
Session 5 - Emerging Trends in Migration
Session 5 - Emerging Issues, Sex Work
Session 6 - Migration at ICAAP 2013