Overall Strategy

Produce Strategic Information

To ensure that strategic information informs decision making, policymaking and programming across the region to improve the health of migrants.

Key Strategies

  • 1.1 To develop and promote integration of migrant and gender-specific indicators and data into the national health management information systems.
  • 1.2 To develop, collect, analyze and disseminate evidence for development of policies and programmes that meet the needs of migrants.
  • 1.3 To develop and promote processes and systems that guides the implementation of services for migrants.


Strengthen Multi-sector Partnerships

To strengthen multi-sector and multi-stakeholder partnerships to link and operationalize regional and national strategies and action plans on access to health for migrants.

Key Strategies

  • 2.1 To identify sectors and stakeholders to coordinate migrant-inclusive, gender-sensitive programming, including barriers and opportunities for collaboration.
  • 2.2 To create and establish effective partnerships for coordination and action throughout the region.
  • 2.3 To promote South-South collaboration and knowledge exchange around innovation and best practice health systems and services.

Promote Regional Advocacy and Policies

To facilitate and advocate regional instruments and national laws and policies, which ensure equal access to health and social services at all stages of the migration process.

Key Strategies

  • 3.1 To promote approaches and provide guidance to countries to make universal health coverage schemes migrant-inclusive.
  • 3.2 To advocate and sensitize the relevant, non-health sectors on the value of adopting migrant-sensitive and inclusive policies.
  • 3.3 To promote investment in migrant health for regional health security.